Chapter 6: Galaxy


Meteor is under constant development, with new updates dropping every few weeks, and something that newcomers might not know is that Meteor’s developers maintain an online roadmap of what’s coming to (or planned for) the platform in the future.

Why does this matter?

Well, one of the projects that’s currently in the works is Galaxy: “a managed cloud platform for deploying Meteor apps.”

Galaxy will be one of the Meteor Development Group’s commercial offerings and it will most likely provide the simplest deployment experience for Meteor developers. At this point, we can only speculate on specifics, but since it’ll be tailor-made for Meteor, there’s certainly reasons to be excited.

Here’s the latest that we’ve heard:

Galaxy will first roll out to a select group of companies who already have apps in production using Meteor. These companies will work closely with MDG, providing feedback on how it fits into their workflows as well as insight into how it performs in the real world. When it opens up to more customers after the early access period, Galaxy will be available in free, pay-by-the-hour, and enterprise tiers.

To track the progress of Galaxy, subscribe to the official Trello card, and when the product launches, return to this chapter for a detailed guide.

Galaxy on Trello